Saints in the Stadium

The Lord laid a burden on the hearts of Leaders in the North to call for a day of Repenting, Rejoicing and Seeking God for the North and the whole of the Nation after Wembley 2012. Church and Ministries from the North of England are working in unity to bring together a remarkable day of Prayer and Worship, as God to move once again on the region and our family of Nations.

We were also pleased to announce that the 2013 National Day of Prayer and Worship was able to be facilitated through this gathering and we could welcome those who attended Wembley 2012 to come to St. Helens and stand with us there.

Worship was led by many of the main worship leaders in the Nation and Prayers will be offered by Local, Regional and National leaders alike.

The Steering Group who oversaw the event were:

Philip Fell - St Helens CLC/SHINE – Co-Chair
John Manwell – TFH Liverpool – Co-Chair
Steve Pilkington – Operation Hope St Helens – initial vision
Geoff Bates – Manchester/Operation Hope
Paul Cliffe – St Helens New Life Church/Operation Hope
Bob Mathie – St Helens – Lighthouse Church
Lorraine Simpson St Helens Council Events Manager
Paul Johnson – St Helens Rugby Club Chaplain
Kim Dopson – NDOPW
Jonathan Olyede – NDOPW
Carl Brettle – UCB
Adam May - UCB/NDOPW
Phil Jump – Merseyside Free Churches
Dave & Sue Hanratty – St Helens CLC/Wells of Revival Prayer Network
Tani Omideyi – Love & Joy Ministries Liverpool
Martin Dickson - Wirral Youth For Christ

If God is calling you to do something similar to Saints in the Stadium and you would like help, please don't hesitate to contact any member of the Steering team.