Monthly National Prayer
Conference Call

Each 1st Friday of the month between 11.00pm and 12midnight, we would love you to join us as we watch God ‘join the dots’ through an amazing Intercessor prayer call. This is a great opportunity to connect with others passionate about prayer from across the country, without even leaving your house!

Our aim is to:

  • To increase the momentum of prayer across the British Isles
  • To pray in unity across denominations / ministries / church cultures / creeds
  • To spread a net of united Intercession over these Isles.
  • To invite people from all areas and sectors of the Isles.

How is the meeting run with so many on the phone? 

On the Friday night - Jonathan / NDOPW team introduce prayer topics at regular intervals with time given to corporately pray.  At the end of the call, space is give for feedback from those on the call.

To take part in this amazing telephone prayer meeting, please click here

To keep the integrity of the call, please can we ask that the number given to you once you have registered is not passed on and that everyone is encouraged to register with NDOPW first. Many thanks!