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We'd love to hear your feedback from our time together at Virtual Pentecost

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Here are a few things people have said.

Enjoyed and was stirred by the Virtual Pentecost Gathering
Many thanks for having the vision to do it. 

It was a very special time of prayer which I so enjoyed and much appreciated.  A BIG "Thank you" to Jonathan and the lovely Welsh lady presenter with him for superbly leading us and being so sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  Your stamina was amazing and the Lord's presence very real. I pray the Lord gives back to you what you gave out to us

I was blown away by the salvation testimony. It 
Was a beautiful service and we need more of such 

I was also happy to see the young adults on board 
Praise God 

A real blessing. It was wise having the wonderful worship coming from the central studio. The sound quality was perfect.

Having people from each region leading prayer was helpful.

The respect participants show towards each other was a testimony in its self.
Keep up the good work. God bless you