Wembley 2012

In 2012, Christians from across the nations came to London to pray and worship together. Our time was incredible with over 32,500 people from every creed, colour and tradition of the Church finding a place to unite around the message of the Cross and the hope of His resurrection.

The day was filled with prayers from key leaders and a feast of worship led by some of the unknown and well known worship leaders in the land.

People laughed together and cried together, as we heard of and prayed into the issues of our Land, heard stories of transformation and gave everyone an opportunity to express something of the day into the life of their local community.

We’ve had hundreds of testimonies since Wembley, from people who have since gone into full time ministry to churches who’s prayer meetings have been revitialised. People came to faith, others got healed and many lives were totally transformed by the experience of corporate worship. We’ve also seen the launch of a Youth led nation-wide Year of Prayer facilitated by Urban Saints and other youth networks; to cover the Nation with a series of 52 mission hubs which will impact the lives of young people across the country.

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