01-03-21 - Initial Invite Video was launched

Our National Day of Prayer and Worship convenor Jonathan Oloyede shares this initial vision video for Virtual Pentecost 2021.  After more than a decade of encouraging and mobilising prayer in the UK, we now feel it's time to take the transformational message of prayer to a new place.  The Lord is leading us to connect as many people, churches, ministries, and denominations as possible to unite the Nation to pray for transformation.

12-02-21 - Virtual Pentecost was birthed

In this the Third Phase of the National Day of Prayer and Worship, we're taking a step of faith to bring together so many friends across our Isles to host the Largest Virtual Prayer gathering for Pentecost the Nation has ever seen.

Following on from Phase 1, where we undertook to host stadium events in Milwall, two in Westham, then Wembley stadium and then St. Helens, where over 50,000 came together in physical places to pray and worship God, we then spent four years traveling around the country in response to hundreds of requests, to pray with the local communities across this nation which will see a collective transformation of society when we stand, pray and act together in unity.

From 2016 until now we have been praying after traveling to over 300 places in the UK, to ask the Lord for the next step and we believe it is now time to step into phase 3 of the vision the Lord has laid on our heart.