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Every so often God calls one of His sons to lay down everything and start a completely new journey of faith.  Some obey, some don't.  Jonathan obeyed, laying down a promising medical career to carry the vision of the church across this nation united in prayer. For some time I have sensed that this would be a significant decade in God’s plans. This little book, linking visions from over 70 years ago to today as God says to Jonathan ‘join the dots’, confirms that view and encourages me to believe that we are indeed entering a significant season of prayer across these islands! 

Alistair Barton Director, Pray for Scotland 


Jonathan is a man of tenderness and tenacity. He is a man who when I have been around him I know has ‘been with Jesus.’  This is what echoes through the heart of this book! Jonathan is one who gathers multitudes, for the reformation of people standing together, to see the light and life of Calvary impact the nations like a flaming fire that cannot be quenched.

Jonathan is a catalyst for united prayer like one I have not seen. His passion for reorganising the church around the throne of God with the incense of our ‘praying without ceasing’ flows out of every pore of his being. His vision to see the United Kingdom saturated in prayer is both admirable and infectious. 

Cath Woolridge,



Pastor Jonathan is a gift to this nation. I have known him and his wife, Abbih for ?X  years. In all that time he has never wavered. He is a man with a burning passion to see his adopted nation ignited by the fire of God. Year in and year out he has ceaselessly pursued that goal. He has travelled networked, prayed without ceasing and provoked the rest of us, the body of Christ to do the same.

At times this small book moved me to tears. I wholeheartedly commend it to you. It’s a must read, and reading will provoke you to action. Let us join hands with him across the Kingdom to bring back the King.  119 words

Catherine Jinadu

Wife of the General Overseer New Covenant Church
Founder of Liberty making people free



Through NDOPW and Virtual Pentecost, I have come to know the man Jonathan Oloyede before I ever heard of his ‘vision of lights’. I have to say that knowing the man first, endorses his vision to me. Paul said, ‘For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake’ (1 Thess 1:5). In the same manner I am persuaded of the ‘power’ and authenticity of this vision having got to know in measure what manner of man this choice servant of God  is: a man of grace, truth and love. It has long been my deep conviction that the heart of God is to revive the church and bring awakening to these island homes of ours and indeed to shake the earth with a great outpouring of His Spirit before our Lord Jesus returns. May God grant us more men and women of vision like Jonathan to usher in this glorious harvest of souls!

David Legge (


Dr Jonathan Oloyede has penned for the today’s UK Church a summary of many years of prophetic outpouring from God, proclaiming His heart for our Nation and beyond. His book “ Vision of Lights" is without doubt for such a time as this.

The more you read this prophetic cry, the more it resonates in your spirit. The clear voice of the Holy Spirit calling us all, not just to listen, but to stand up and step out! 

There have been just a handful unique seminal moments in Church History, that were of such magnitude it shook the nations. I believe this is another, if only we will press into it? 

What a privilege to be part of the next, and I pray the greatest revival movement of the Holy Spirit in the history of mankind, as we willingly and proactively let Jesus put His hands firmly back on His Church and fill the earth with His Glory. 

Ivan Parker - National Leader, ACUK 



“My heart has been stirred with so much faith and a deep hunger for a great spiritual awakening across the British Ailes as I read through this book. Pastor Jonathan has been used by God in such a powerful way to pioneer moves of the Holy Spirit across this nation. I am truly thankful to the Lord for His obedience, sacrifice and consistency over these many years. I love that reading this book has stirred my heart with a greater burden for prayer and revival. May you also receive a fresh burden from the Lord for prayer and His great revival as you read this.”

James Aladiran - Founder, Prayer Storm



God’s faithfulness to this family of nations and peoples - N Ireland, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England - never ceases to amaze. In 1995 God gave the image of a ship of prayer that was to sail to every village, hamlet, town and city.  Today we can rejoice that this has now taken place.  So I believe it is very timely to release this vision of lights now, encouraging us all to understand more and hear the Holy Spirits’ invitation to get involved in the next part of the journey to see His kingdom come!  

Jane Holloway, National Prayer Director, World Prayer Centre, Birmingham UK 


Jonathan is an inspiration to many and as you read you will see his love and commitment to the Lord and the things the Lord has called him to do. The vision of lights and 'joining the dots' is one the Lord has time and time again inspired and challenged people with across these islands. In Ireland we have often recognised that there can be something very big in something very small and we and others have sought to “join the dots” so that the many small clusters of praying people scattered across our land may recognise their strategic role as part of the mighty army who cry out in desperation for God to come. Raising a canopy of prayer is something close to our hearts! We pray this booklet inspires you to get more connected.

Margaret Clarke
Director, Transformations Ireland


What a privilege it was to read the story of Pastor Jonathan’s journey so far with God.  I am always fascinated how Father God moves us around to get us in a geographical place for the fulfilment of His purposes, but He can only do so when He finds obedient hearts.  Pastor Jonathan listened to the voice of the Lord  call him firstly out of Islam and then out of his home country to settle in the UK.  As you read these pages I pray that your heart will be opened to the wonder working power of God through the works of His Spirit, but also what can be done when God finds an individual who will say ‘here I am, send me’. 

Nigel Johnston
CEO, Compass Christian Centre, Perthshire, Scotland



I consider Jonathan Oloyede, not only to be a close friend who I've enjoyed working with during the many years that we've known each other, but I also see him as a man of integrity who commands respect. Doctor Jonathan as dedicated his life to the transformation of this world through the word of God and prayer. His Ability to communicate Gods purpose for his age is testament to his total commitment to reach in the world with the good news. Dr Jonathan is a man that has dedicated his life to prayer and fasting.

Dr Jonathan is transformational leader, who inspires people to achieve unexpected or remarkable results. He is a pioneer who is able to reach , across cultural and racial barriers This is a God given skill that I believe Jonathan possesses in abundance.

I believe that his book will transform the hearts of man and bring revival in the UK and beyond. Jonathan's testimony of his journey from the Muslim faith to Christianity is a powerful expression of what God can do to all who opened our hearts receive Jesus Christ. My prayer unbelieve is that this book

I pray that this book will provoke our hearts to see  revival, throughout our churches and communities. 

Bishop Raymond Veira senior pastor and regional presiding Bishop for Church of God of prophecy for the Southwest and South Wales.



I pray that the Lord will Bless this Book and cause it to flourish across the Kingdom, touching many lives to His Glory.
Sian Rees
Director of Evangelical Alliance Wales



In every generation God raises up a catalyst to unite the different expressions of His body in preparation to a move of the Spirit. I believe that God has chosen Jonathan Oloyede to be such for this generation. The Church in the UK is in need of a strong united prophetic sound to prepare the church in creating a habitation for His move and harvest. “The Vision of Lights” is a must read for every Christian of every generation across the British Isles to understand and to align themselves with Gods call over the nation. 

Revd. Surekha Hulugalle
National Leader - Foursquare Church GB

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