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but pushing forward into 2024

A United Christmas Campaign To Present The Gospel To All

The vision is that the entire church across the whole family of nations stand United to share the Gospel to ALL of society at Christmas.

We are running with the narrative and visuals where every local church and each believer act as a Light that shines to brighten up the whole land like a Christmas tree.

The campaign will be called 'Shine Your Light’.

Imagine that every Church and Christian in the UK and Ireland turned on their ‘light’ to present the Gospel to their neighbours, friends, work colleagues, fellow students, families, loved ones…everybody!! 

Imagine that at Christmas, every shopping mall, High Street, Town Hall, Community Square was filled with Christians, singing, sharing, and loving others with the Good News of the Gospel in Word and in Deed?

The campaign will be locked in for the weekend of 13th to 15th December, but with an emphasis on Saturday 14th December 2024

The domain for this will be  with a social media campaign to run alongside it. The aim is to be united across all the streams and denominations at Christmas.

Denominations and partners represented, so far: Church of God of Prophecy, Baptist Union,

London Mission Collective, Ichthus, Evangelical Alliance, the Methodist Church, Hope Together, Catholic Charismatic National Forum, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Foursquare GB, Elim Pentecostal Churches, AOG, New Covenant, World Prayer Centre, The Apostolic Church, United Reformed Church, London City Mission, and New Testament Church of God

We call on all Christians to pray for this Christmas campaign to be VERY successful! That people will come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and become disciples. 

That the Church will be like a ‘City on a Hill’ that cannot be hidden and whose Light shines everywhere for all to see.

That there will be mass conversions to Christianity on an increasing level and that the numbers are so significant they shift the culture and fabric of society towards the Kingdom of God

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