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A Letter to The Church In England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales & The Isles

On the 6th-8th February, a group of Intercessors and Leaders fasted for three days without food or water. They were praying and ministering to the Lord in accordance with Acts 13:2. This is a summary of what they believed the Holy Spirit said and is saying to the Church within and beyond these Isles. 

(They humbly suggest that Leaders and Believers have no obligation to receive these statements as the Word of the Lord. That everyone should however test these words prayerfully with their teams and accountability groups). 

1. I Will Build My Church – Matthew 16:18
That every denomination, network, local church, or group of Believers need to submit the leadership of the church to the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ. That the Holy Spirit should be honoured and allowed to speak and guide the congregation as well as the leadership. That there will be a radical shift away from oppressive power dynamics to relational servant leadership. 

2. There is ONE Body and ONE Spirit – Ephesians 4:4
The is one Church in the Land. The Call to unity is getting critical. Believers need to unite locally, nationally, and globally. The spiritual forces and ideologies rallied against the Church are gathering moss. There can no longer be the disunity on the levels that we currently see. Congregations and leaders are encouraged to find others in their neighbourhoods and begin to pray regularly and with more intensity for their communities. The LOVE of the Brethren needs to grow exponentially and with immediacy due to the increased darkness of our Age. 

3. Go Into All The World and Preach The GOSPEL!
Matthew 28:19
Leaders need to emerge and be BOLD to teach and lead their followers into the mission fields of local estates, schools, rough neighbourhoods and the digital space. Turn your congregations around from a comfortable “Come to us” into a radical “Go to them” mentality and focus. The fields are ripe and ready for harvest says the Spirit of God. Believers everywhere across the workplace and marketplace need to switch on their light to be the Salt of the Earth. Warm, Winsome and Wise should be the hallmark of Christians everywhere with a winning attitude. 

4. Some Will Depart From The Faith – 1 Timothy 4:1
The decisions of the Church of England to begin to bless same-sex relationships is a departure from the Scriptures. It should be seen clearly for what it is. We all have loving connections and loving relations with believers in the CofE. Our Love and affections should continue unabated however we draw the line with Scripture that cannot be broken. The decision is WRONG and there cannot be any compromise on the matter. Any departure from cornerstone Biblical truth should be called out. We need to PRAY and keep on praying, asking God for wisdom and patience. We should not declare war on our Brethren, or begin any campaign of hatred but letting the Holy Spirit guide us always.

5. Pray For The Incoming King! – 1 Timothy 2:2
The Church needs to really pray for Kings Charles lll . After the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll, the Crown, Royal Sceptre and Orb were handed over to the Dean of Windsor. These are being held by the Church until the new King is coronated. Symbolically the Church stands between two Monarchs and should stand in the gap in prayer. A) That the King will uphold the faith he professes. B) That the new King would not open the door to idolatry and mix Christianity with other beliefs in the name of diversity and inclusion. C) That the new King will have a relationship with God and be surrounded by good and godly advisors. For confidential reasons a number of sensitive matters and revelations were discussed which will be retained due to the nature of the information revealed. The key thing is that we pray intensively for the King!

6. There Is an Army Rising Up! – 2 Kings 23:3
We are on the cusp of a move of God amongst the younger Josiah generation that will seek God in fresh new innovative ways. We need to pray them into the Kingdom and disciple them with the Word and Spirit. The enemy is intent on this generation with all kinds of evil and dark strategies.

The rise in mental health issues. suicides along with sexual plus gender perversions amongst other things shows the aim of the enemy. The Spirit of God is saying there will be a rise in the supernatural church along with signs and wonders increasing and reports of mass salvations.

May we begin to give room for our children and youth to express the Grace of God upon their lives. Let us unleash the force within this generation to push down the walls of bondage and divisions.

7. A PRAYING CHURCH! – Acts 12:5
The Church in the Land can no longer be asleep at the altar. The Holy Spirit is urging Believers and Leaders to step up in the place of prayer. Start teaching and facilitating a praying culture within the church and family life. Learn to Fast too! Start taking responsibility for your High Street, local council, schools, workplace and neighbourhood. Commit everything to prayer and infuse your Church services with space to pray and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. If Jesus and the Early Church Fasted and Prayed, then we need to know how and why. Learn from the International churches in your town or City who come with a stronger capacity to pray. Learn from Charismatic congregations how to allow the Holy Spirit amongst the congregation. Learn from the prayer movements and prophetic community how to prophesy and use the prophecies. Learn whatever you need to learn from the diverse Body of Believers in this Nation and family of Nations. It is time to pray and to fast!! The coming darkness and sin pandemic demands it!

The role of Israel in the Nations and our Jewish roots was also mentioned by the Spirit in very sensitive and meaningful ways. To allow for unity and focus on the key issues, these revelations and words will be stored for the right time along with those concerning King Charles. We are acutely aware that the Church is multi-layered in its theology and worldview. So we (NDOPW) have only presented here some of the more generic but strong words for the Church, pertinent for this hour. There is much more to be revealed in the coming seasons.

WHEN YOU FAST…. Matthew 6:16
There is a growing hunger in the Church and within the emerging generation for an authentic manifestation of the Kingdom of God. The interregnum of COVID has stunted the spiritual growth of sections of the Church whilst sparking a fresh zeal and intensity in other parts of the Body of Christ.

As a praying community, The National Day of Prayer and Worship family has seen a sharp increase in the intensity and desire of many believers willing to pray and be involved in the spreading of the Gospel across the Land.

We have been led by the Spirit of Christ to hold regular prayer meetings as well as press into the prophetic Will of God through focussed intercession accompanied with FASTING.

We are convinced that the LORD wants to call His Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland to the ‘Threshing Floor’ of united Prayer and Fasting in preparation of what is to come within the next few years.

There is a surge and wave of Grace coming to the Church in these Lands!

With this in mind, the National Day of Prayer and Worship is calling on all Believers to prepare for a season of uninterrupted prayer and fasting for renewal, refreshing, revival, rejuvenation of the Church and widespread conversions to Christianity.

We have begun ‘trialling’ this across Scarborough and the Northeast Coastal regions.

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