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This prayer network consists of thousands of individuals, churches, organisations, networks and even denominations. They all work with the ministry as partners, helpers and supporters.

This prayer ministry focuses on uniting the Body of Christ towards fulfilling the Great Commission and advancing the Kingdom of God through prayer and by all means necessary.

During its early years (2006-2012) it was called the Global Day of Prayer London and held several large stadium events at West Ham Football Club, Millwall Football Club, St Helens and Wembley Stadium.

Then, the prayer ministry went on the road with the “Joining the Dots” Tour, visiting over 400 locations and events from 2013-2018. The team took a deserved rest over

two years before reemerging during COVID with widespread digital events around Pentecost, which saw tens of thousands engage with the Virtual events.

NDOPW organised the “SHINE YOUR LIGHT” Christmas campaign in 2023, which saw over 70,000 people hit the streets, town centres and shopping malls with the Gospel and Carol singing. It touched mainstream media as over 60 denominations, and politicians, including the Prime Minister, engaged and endorsed the campaign.

NDOPW seeks to see the Church across the UK and Ireland revived, united and delivering the Gospel to society in every sphere.

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